Introducing Volkswagen Trucks: Versatile Solutions for Suriname’s Commercial Sector

Introducing Volkswagen Trucks:  Versatile Solutions for Suriname’s Commercial Sector

Fernandes Autohandel N.V. are proud to introduce their latest line of commercial transportation; Volkswagen Truck & Bus. Renowned for their reliability, innovation, and versatility, Volkswagen Trucks are ideally suited for Suriname's economy, offering tailored solutions to meet market demands.

One of the key highlights of Volkswagen Trucks is their adaptability across different commercial segments. They offer a range of models, each with its own unique specifications, allowing for a broad range of applications. Whether customers require refrigerated transport for perishable goods, robust haulage for construction materials, or specialized configurations for agricultural purposes, Volkswagen Trucks can have body applications equipped as needed.

Models range from as low as 9-tons, ideal for inner-city distribution and light-duty applications, all the way up to robust 31-ton models, capable of handling heavy-duty haulage with ease.

Whether it is navigating city streets or tackling rugged terrain, these trucks are engineered to deliver optimal performance and efficiency in any environment.

Every Volkswagen Truck is manufactured with a Cummins engine. Founded in 1919 and with over 100 years of experience, Cummins engines were initially designed for industrial use and later shifted its focus to automotive use, providing some of the most robust, reliable and durable engines globally.

From commercial truckers to auto enthusiasts, people widely regard Cummins engines as the best in the industry. Coming from a heavy-duty, commercial work background, The Cummins Engine Company developed these engines with power and reliability at top of mind. Cummins engines deliver more torque than many other trucks on the market, which means more towing and hauling capacity.

With their arrival, Suriname's commercial industries can expect a new era of efficiency, productivity, and success, propelled forward by the unmatched capabilities of Volkswagen Trucks.