Tokyo Motor Show Displays Road Ahead


Tokyo Motor Show 2015 exhibited a wide range of the world’s newest, boldest and most innovative automotive products and technologies at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition complex between October 29 and November 8. Isuzu was among 160 companies from 11 countries that took part in the 44th edition of the show, which was held under the theme Your Heart Will Race. More than 812,000 people viewed 417 cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles and vehicle bodies, as well as machinery and tools, automotive technologies and services. Isuzu got visitors’ hearts racing with its all-new C Series heavy-duty truck (below and bottom), which was launched for the Japan market as one of 75 world premieres unveiled at the show.


The truck, part of Isuzu’s locally branded Giga series, underwent a full range of changes for enhanced performance in five basic categories: more comfortable cabin, reduced fuel consumption, more advanced safety features, larger payload and upgraded telematics for remote support. It has a highly aerodynamic cab, enlarged front grille and intercooler, easyto- use instrument panel, extra-comfortable seats, improved 6UZ1-TCS engine and Smoother Gx 12-speed automated manual transmission. Although the curb weight increased due to the vehicle’s many new additions, the extra weight was minimized to ensure a robust loading capacity. As a reference exhibit, the chassis of a CNG-MPI all-new Giga truck educated visitors on the distinctive structure of a heavy-duty truck powered by compressed natural gas. The CNG-powered vehicle, which travels some 500 km on a single fueling, is designed to achieve low-carbon inter-city transport while helping countries to lower their dependence on petroleum fuels for greater energy security. A new N Series hybrid truck was displayed as a Japanese-market exhibit. The truck employs two advanced functions— EV mode for quiet motor-power driving at night or in residential areas, and the Smart Glide +e system, which saves fuel by automatically disengaging the clutch for coasting (Smart Glide). Once momentum or speed drops to a certain level, Smart Glide seamlessly activates the motor (+e) for fuel-saving driving. Representing the F Series was a specially equipped F-Cargo truck, a precompleted model equipped with active safety technology, including the Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) and Isuzu Electronic Stability Control (IESC). The Isuzu Erga heavy-duty city bus was launched in Japan in August with a new universal design. Interior spaciousness has been enhanced with more nostep floor area, more floor-to-ceiling height and extra window space. A downsized in-line 4-cylinder engine has reduced the vehicle’s weight and improved fuel economy. Simplified, two-pedal operation makes driving easier than ever. Safety has been enhanced by redesigning the priority seating arrangement, handrails and invertible ramp for wheelchairs. Isuzu’s advanced bus was honored with a Good Design Award 2015 in Japan (see page 2). Other reference exhibits included a Thai-made Isuzu D-MAX pickup luxury model and a historic TX80 five-ton payload truck first produced in 1946 as the pioneer of long-haul heavy-duty trucks in Japan. The engine exhibit consisted of three highly efficient next-generation engines. The 9,839 cc 6UZ1-TCS in the all-new C Series truck incorporates a super-high-pressure common-rail fuel injection system and an engine retarder. The compact, lightweight 5,193 cc 4HK1-TCS was developed for the new Erga bus series. The 7,790 cc 6NX1-TCS, which employs a two-stage turbocharging system for highly efficient turbo power, was showcased as a reference exhibit. Isuzu displayed two automated manual transmissions—the MJX12 (Smoother Gx) for heavy-duty trucks and the MZW6 for heavy-duty buses and medium-duty trucks. Another reference exhibit was the downsized yet high-torque MEB9. Visitors learned about Isuzu’s advanced technologies for preventive safety, such as the View Assist Technology (VAT), as well as IESC. Also on display were the latest version of the Mimamori telematics system and the PREiSM high-quality genuine-maintenance system, which utilizes information obtained from Mimamori to manage fleet-vehicle servicing.