Isuzu mu-X Traverses Central America


Isuzu Motors International Operations (Panama) [IPSA], working in cooperation with its parent, Isuzu Motors International Operations (Thailand) [IMIT], completed the Isuzu mu-X Challenge driving event in Central America from September 23 to October 3. The feat demonstrated the mu-X’s winning combination of excellent performance, fuel economy and durability, as well as enhanced the awareness of the SUV in the region. Seven dealers in six Central American countries—Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama—and four Caribbean countries— Aruba, Curaçao, Grenada and Haiti—joined forces with IPSA to carry out the event. Central American dealers held press conferences to mark the mu-X’s local arrival and departure and generate additional media coverage. Isuzu Director Kazuhiko Ito from Japan and IMIT President Yoichi Masuda were joined by IPSA top executives for one of the press conferences, which was held in San Jose, Costa Rica on October 1 (below). The driving course, which went through terrain ranging from rural mountains to congested cities, was divided into six sections (countries). The mu-X 4x4 with automatic transmission left Guatemala City during a flag-off ceremony. After traveling 2,569 km without any mechanical trouble, it arrived at its final destination, Panama City. Prior to the event, IPSA held a fourmonth online campaign to encourage residents in the 10 countries to guess the exact amount of diesel fuel the mu-X would require to complete the route. A Panamanian entrant won a brand new mu-X for submitting the closest estimate among 11,210 applicants.

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